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Monica Murphy

Cohort Spotlight

Malina Douangmala

Sophomore - Marketing, Business Management with Entrepreneurship

"DLT has helped me refine my mindset on my strengths and finding ways to see through my "weaknesses" to improve myself while being there to support me emotionally and mentally. This past spring I was able to contact a program specialist representing the UCLA Anderson School of Management and participate in their professionalism program being the only student from the program in the entirety of the midwest. DLT helped me improve the way I present myself to others vocally and mentally which resulted in me making many new connections."

Douangmala_Malina_DLT_Undergrad Headshots_032022_Z72_9248.jpg
Luthra_Veerha_DLT_Undergrad Headshots_032022_Z72_9137.jpg

Veeraj Luthra

Sophomore - Finance, Real Estate

DLT has been an amazing resource for me during during my freshman year and provided me with the networking and interview prep skills that helped me land a finance internship with First Business Bank. In my first year of the curriculum I was able to participate in a finance and technology training session and meet the founder of Quiver Quantitative to understand how he used data scraping to form the basis of his website. It was a wonderful opportunity that I will carry with me through my time at UW."

Calista Castillo

Senior - Finance

"As a first generation student who transferred, I came to UW Madison with the goal to get into the school of business but was lost. I eventually found DLT, which provided me with all the resources I needed to succeed in my professional career. From resume workshops to incredible networking opportunities DLT executives held my hand throughout the entire process and provided me with that guidance that I didn't have growing up as a first generation college student. With DLT's help, I not only accomplished my goal of being accepted to the Wisconsin School of Business but I've grown into the educated young professional I've strived to be where my dreams to the future are unbound."

Castillo_Calista_DLT_Undergrad Headshots_032022_Z72_9227.jpg
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