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DLT Values

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Our Mission

Through a rigorous professional development curriculum including interviewing workshops, presentation skills training, coding training, personal investing lessons, experiential learning events at corporations, and out-of-state networking trips, DLT enables students to break into and thrive within the most selective industries and companies in the world.

Message from Our Founder

"I started DLT to provide underrepresented students with the resources and opportunities to not only succeed, but to realize larger dreams than they ever considered before. During my freshman year in college, I went from knowing nothing about the different career paths within my field to securing full-time internships for the next two summers by the end of spring semester. While it certainly took hard work, proactive thinking, and determination, I realized that the biggest determinant between success and failure wasn’t ability; it was exposure. In its short lifetime, DLT has already provided dozens of students with the support and vision to realize their potential and it will only continue to grow from here. While people may come from different backgrounds, perspectives, and abilities, EVERYONE deserves to succeed and DLT will not stop until that goal is reached." - Jordan Kennedy, Founder

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